Eating Easter

When your mother decides you are too little to understand and your father stares blankly in your face with no answer to offer, you know you are torn between two worlds. You decide to let go, to ask if perhaps it is your doing but a sigh follows your question and your parents turn their backs and you stare but in confusion.

The morning owl that woke you up that day sent chills down your spine. It was as though nature had given consent to the foreboding and patiently waited for you to discover at the end of a voyage of mystery.
‘Why did you let him touch you? Why couldn’t you wait?’
You almost point to your chest to assert if you are being talked to, she nods.
‘Who touched me? I don’t know, in what sense? ‘ a pause then, ‘I do not understand Mother.’
‘Why will you when it is obvious you are pregnant!’ her eyes begin to quiver and dots of tears pervade her eyeballs. She then continued while looking deeply into your face,’I got a letter from a stranger. The content says you are two months pregnant for a man who you are refusing to parent the child because you want to abort!!!’

You shudder at her voice and not the message. Your mind goes first to the fact that you have no boyfriend and second, to the underlying truth that you are untouched. It all seems clumsy, all she says and so you just stare at her face contorting in anger. Then, you realize,’ Oh, mother, is this April fool?’ with a silly smile on your face.
‘No! Your father and I are getting a divorce.’
It is your turn to stare in disbelief. You had thought of the goodies of the month of April, of how Jesus had died for you. You are to remember him for His kindness and unselfishness. What are your parents doing? What example are they laying? You are distraught all of a sudden, your plans for a perfect Easter go to the wind and you do not know if you will be eating Easter or vice versa.

Why had she lied? Why had she reduced your integrity? Why had she selfishly tried to make you the ’cause’ of the divorce?


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